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Company name Im-core Inc.    
Date of establishment 2018.04.25    
Business license number 631-81-01097
Representative Byoungsuk Jun    
Corporate registration number 110111-6736388

Capital  2.04 billion won    

Stock 20,400,000 (Shares 100 won)
Major business  Beverage sales /
Marketing and Media Agency

Company History

• 2022.11
Liquid nutrient "Vita Cafe" spin-off.
• 2022.04
Liquid nutritional supplements "Vita Cafe" opens a direct store in Gangnam Station.
• 2021.06
Hyundai Department Store's 'Vita Cafe', a liquid nutritional supplement
• 2020.12
Personalized Health Management Platform (AI) 'Vitamate' Patent Certification
• 2020.09
Personalized Health Care Platform (AI) 'Vitamate' Spin-off
• 2020.04
Liquid nutritional supplements, "Vita Cafe" R&D.
• 2019.05
Personalized Health Care Platform (AI) 'Vitamate' R&D
• 2019.01 
a capital increase of 2 billion won
• 2018.12 
Korea Digital Banking Exchange (KOBE) Opens
• 2018.04 
the establishment of a company

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